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Surface Grinding Machine
Products: Hits: 164Surface Grinding Machine 
Brand: Hemelton
Model: SG-2050AH
Price: Negotiable
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Delivery: days after payment
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated: 2014-07-17 12:52
Our Surface Grinders sport massive castings. a precision spindle and scraped combination Vee and
fiat ways needed for holding exacting tolerances and producing mirror like finishes. Add to that the
silky smooth, automatic hydraulic control with infinitely variable stroke ,step-over & down feed and
you will find the ease of operation allows for tighter control over your production & products! Complete
with magnetic chuck, auto lubrication system, diamond dressing attachment. halogen worklight and
much more.
lt's as easy to setup as it is to use! All hydraulic lines control cables come supplied with one-way
fittings making installation a breeze.


-this machine is designed for continuous operation and features a quiet running system, highest accuracy and minimum head accumulation for optimum working results
-the grinding spindle runs in maintenance free, pre-loaded precision angular ball bearings
-automatic transverse and longitudinal feed standard on all models
-rapid feed for work height setup
-adjustable roughing. finishing and spark-out strokes
-hydraulic longitudinal table advance on y-axis on all models
-double v-guideway for longitudinal movement and combined v and flat guideways fortransverse movement
-hardened and ground table with pipe counter-lamination for excellentwear resistance
-high table load bearing capacity for heavy parts
-external hydraulic unit ensures excellent temperature stability
-automatic central lubrication
-CE compliant